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O. M. G. I finally got the blog site working!


First off, my excuse(s). So it turns out I can get pretty crazy about my admin pages. This is a fact I've known in the past, so it's not new to me, but seeing as how this is the first time anyone has ever read one of my blog posts it might be news to you.

I guess the main issue I was running into was how to handle the images. When I originally conceived of the admin interface, the idea was that I'd have an image upload thing directly integrated with the page that you create the blog posts on. Now, here's where it got weird:

The process you'd use would be to have images linked to the blog that you were creating, and could search for images that had already been uploaded to other blogs, and they'd be in a sort of gallery thing on the right. And to add it, you'd either position the cursor in the text area you were working on and double-click on the image to add a preformatted Wordpress-style link that would be processed on the page loading to properly detect the string and load an image, or it would give you a link to copy that you'd copy and paste. Or something.

That was the plan. It would have been nice to try, but I simply don't have the time right now, being on the road trip and all and I've still got quite a bit of work that needs to get done. So I figured I should get the actual page finished, then come back and add fancy things, maybe as a jQuery module test or something first, then later integrate it into the site once I get the rest of the site up and running as I'd like.

Anyway, I spent yesterday completely rebuilding the image uploads and the entire admin interface, added in the CRUD elements for the blogs and comics and images and stuff. Spent about an hour today finalizing the testing and did a few other styling things and got it all uploaded. I'd say I'm pretty happy with it, now I've just gotta make sure I keep actually blogging.

Also, coming up are my RT2k14 (Road Trip 2014) blog posts, so those will be coming soon.



P.S. these little links down here don't work yet either. So got a few things to button up.

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