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Okay, I really need to get back on this wagon...

So, wtf have I been doing? Well, anyone who knows me knows I love the sound of my own voice, so long post time!!!!

Let's see, off the top, last post was May...oh, right so I went on the road trip. Which was awesome. And the reason I built this site (again, oops).

But the road trip was awesome, Sacramento to Salt Lake City, UT. SLC to Aurora, CO. Amtrak from Aurora to Chicago/DC/Fredericksburg VA to meet a great long-time gaming friend I've never had the opportunity to meet in person, as well as a friend in DC I...well, I saw him around Christmas, but hadn't seen him for several years before that.

Back on the train to Aurora, and then three days of driving from Aurora to San Diego.

What did I learn from the trip? This country is absolutely massive. But my main takeaway? There are some impossibly beautiful landscapes you have to pass through. Not so much what I saw on the train, but what I saw while driving. The Bonneville Salt Flats...jeeze, can you imagine crossing the country on a covered wagon and coming over a hill and as far as you can see is flat, white, salt encrustations. The valleys, plains, hills, and everything were also pretty amazing. I'm not a religious man, but after seeing Utah, Colorado, fuck, the goddamn Grand Canyon, I can forgive those who are.

Anyway, the rest of the road trip was awesome, visited friends in and around LA and SD then back up to Sac, did some interviewing for a few months. Wasn't able to do as much learning of the code while I was traveling, but as soon as I got back it was back to the ASP and my project sites.

Um, then nothing really happened and I was getting ready to move to Seattle, WA when I got a message from my buddy that a position was open at his company and I should apply. Figured what the hell, it was in Chico, CA which I've always wanted to move back to. Sent a resume went in for an interview and the position was an exact fit for me. Got an offer, moved up, and I'm just getting finished getting settled in here. It's good to be back to this crazy little drinking town with a college problem.

So, my life has been crazy, but it's that good kind of crazy. And now that I realize how fucking easy it is to post blogs here again (like, I seriously did this UI amazing) I think I'm gonna get back to it. Also, I started doing some sketching the other day and I've got some creative writing things I wanna try to get out, so I'm gonna throw up a couple short stories and we'll see where they go, huh?



P.S. okay, so apparently the image upload for the picture with my face all cut off isn't working right, but everything else was brilliant.

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