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One month is better than five...

So what's up with life?

After the last blog post I tried doing some sketches for comics, but they all came out like crap and I lost my focus, but I need to get back to creating something...which is probably why I've found myself working on a few side projects lately; two concepts for video games and a business venture. They're all at the conceptual stage, which is a bullshit way of saying "I'm thinking really hard about it". But it's some projects.

Let's see...been trying a ketogenic diet, that's been going...weird. I love pasta, popcorn, and raisin bran, so a diet where I'm supposed cut out only food group is definitely a change. Lost a ton of weight though, and I find the science behind it interesting. Probably not a permanent lifestyle change, but definitely something I'm gonna kick with for a bit.

Musically, I'm on a weird reggae kick. I've got Pandora on in the afternoons while I'm working, and I went on this weird three year transition from a generic latin station to Pitbull to Enur to Lupe Fiasco to Wax to Atmosphere to Childish Gambino to Iration. I don't understand it either, but it's what's happening. I don't understand it, either.

And here's where I'd normally go into my rant about how Pandora needs to have a section where you can see a list of (and BUY) songs that you've liked. But because of my limited training in internet rants, I always check Pandora just to make sure I'm not ranting about something that's been fixed three months ago and I just never noticed...and I'm glad I checked because you can now view a list of songs you've liked and purchase them. Good on you, Pandora. Too bad I already bought the songs on iTunes.

Well, except for that 0-100 song by Drake, which is the absolute weirdest song I'd think I'd like, but I really really like it. Okay, this is getting way off my [non-existent] topic.

So I've watched the entire run of 'Its Always Sunny...' and I have to say that nothing in the world makes me more uncomfortable than watching Dennis be Dennis. Like, the episode where they find some guys wallet in the bar and he decides he's gonna roll with the dudes tickets to game or something, and begins pretending to be the guy, I felt physically...wrong. I've never been a fan of narcissists and I'd say that in my life I basically don't associate with any intentionally. So hats off to that show for creeping me out so well.

Anyway...I'm gonna be lazy and not even add pictures, because meh.



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